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  • Realtytek Broker is available as a subscription service to real estate sales and leasing professionals. No license required. Agent-users can sign up monthly for $29.99 or save big with an annual subscription for $299.99. The RealtyTek Customer app is free to leads and clients sent the app by an Agent-subscriber.
  • “Realtytek Broker” Allows Real Estate Sales Professionals To Share Their Own Customized App With Leads And Clients.
  • A customized mobile app service for real estate agents to share with prospects and clients. It provides for real estate agents a digital tool to provide their prospects and clients, giving them instant access to their agent when they have a real estate need.
  • Allows for collection of registration/contact and search criteria information digitally, then organizes it into an in-app file on the user’s smartphone
  • Feeds specific homes and their URLs into specific accounts
  • Tracks home search and recommendations
  • Tracks clients’ tours
  • Tracks clients’ interest level
  • Electronically coordinates appointments and tour schedules using shared calendar feature
  • Tracks critical contract dates and milestones
  • Electronically tracks clients’ history
  • Allows for multiple document upload and storage for quick reference by users
  • Allows agent-user to share e-business card
  • Allows clients to share their agent’s app with friends and family

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