Brokers and Teams

Sales Automation for Brokers Agents & Teams

From individual real estate brokers to agency teams and managers, real estate professionals of all levels stand to benefit from enhanced sales process management in a lightweight, powerful package. RealtyTek was uniquely designed to overcome traditional challenges of legacy CRMs and equip agents with client-facing technology to do business like never before.

Progress at a Glance

RealtyTek has everything you need to be a successful real estate agent and close the deal. And the best part, it couldn’t be easier.

Keep track of your leads with visual client files and property insights, schedule and manage clients, and easily track every step in your sales cycle with a digital workflow — right out of your pocket.

Integrate RealtyTek with Your Existing CRM and MLS

RealtyTek isn’t here to claim the CRM business, we’re just here to make it better. That’s why our features are perfect for seamless integration with your existing CRM systems and Multiple Listing Services, so you can build on and enhance all your processes without disruption. And with ease-of-use and powerful standalone mobile functionality, your client-facing agents finally have a technology that sells homes.

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